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Welcome to OnSite Drapery Cleaning & More

OnSite Drapery Cleaning & More is the best choice for drapery cleaning, both residential and commercial, and for cleaning all your window treatments.

There are many reasons to clean your draperies:

  • Remove allergens buried in the fabrics, as well as pet dander
  • Remove oils and scents from cooking
  • Extend the life of drapes that can cost thousands of dollars
  • Restore the original luster of the drapes like when they were new

The reasons for cleaning your draperies on site are even more apparent. We guarantee your drapes will incur no damage from shrinkage or loss of color, which is a serious problem when placing them in washing machines off-site. There is no need to take them down and rehang them, there is no damage from excessive handling, you will be able to keep the original shape and style and the best part is we will clean the existing top treatments which frequently get overlooked when drapes are pulled and cleaned off-site.

We also safely clean any type of upholstery and other household items like lampshades, oriental carpets, floor mats and more.

If you are a school, church, medical office or need any type of commercial wall or window covering cleaning please contact us for a quote.



We can do the work onsite, eliminating downtime and the potential for loss.


We have the capability to serve Public & Private Schools, Universities and Colleges plus Hospitals and Health Care Facilities.

Fire Retardant

OnSite Drapery offers a flame retardant system that prevents fire damage to your home and business.

Why Choose Us:

  • We can clean any type of window covering fabric in any configuration right where it hangs
  • We work with both commercial and residential customers
  • We clean drapes and other window treatments onsite, reducing delays and eliminating downtime, as well as the potential for loss
  • We guarantee no shrinking and no fading, regardless of the type of fabric
  • Our process for cleaning sun-damaged cloth is the best in the business
  • Our commercial clients include hospitals, medical & surgery centers, hotels, retirement homes, assisted living centers, schools, funeral homes, & more